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Why Choose EDII?

EDII is a distinctive innovation, education and talent development company built for regulated markets.

We know that being good at the day job is no longer enough, and for businesses to thrive in today’s complex world they need an innovative mindset incorporating Design Thinking approaches and creative problem solving techniques to champion change.

Our team brings a unique combination of market expertise, change and education skills to our learning and talent development programmes, facilitation, and consultancy.

With a strong focus on innovation and Design Thinking, we enable transformational change in historic and tradition-rich sectors.

By immersing them in the latest digital technologies, Design Thinking techniques, industry-relevant themes and case studies, we work with practitioners and teams from all levels who care about the future of their market and want to develop the skills needed to inspire, innovate and thrive in a digital-driven world.

Did we mention that we absolutely love innovation and digital change are passionate about sharing knowledge, expertise and creativity!

EDII Delivers

Innovation, Design Thinking and Digital Programmes for Insurance and the Wider Financial Services Industries.

CII Accredited courses for all professional levels, including our flagship programme – Digital Minds. 

Company-Specific Innovation Training Programmes and Workshops.

Industry Insights and Facilitation.

Pitching, Presenting and Profile Development.


Digital Minds Programme

07 May 2024

Booking is now open for our flagship innovation education programme for insurance practitioners across the industry.


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