Cohort 2 Demonstrate Future-Focussed Skills

21st September 2022 is a day to remember for Cohort 2’s Digital Minds delegates, who celebrated their superb achievements with their End of Year Showcase at Liberty Specialty Markets. Joined by their sponsors and peers, the Cohort 2 Delegates captivated the audience with their expertly crafted presentations, telling the story of the topics they’ve worked on throughout the past 12 months and showcasing the capabilities they’ve developed.

It takes many skills and functions to make an industry, and that variety was reflected in the Cohort. Delegates hailed from a wide range of roles within Broker and Insurance organisations. Despite their differences in position and experience, delegates were united by their desire to learn how to innovate and drive change, to help their organisations and the industry continue to thrive.

Caroline Bedford, CEO, EDII, welcomes guests the Digital Minds Showcase, London 21st September 2022.


Part of the Digital Minds process involves gathering insight into the challenges the industry faces. With abundant challenges around Data, Emerging Technology, Customer Centricity and People & Culture, the delegates had many options to choose from.

Changes in client behaviours, a focus on reducing costs, using technology to improve efficiency, improving education across the business, increasing awareness of social, economic and environmental changes, plus the impact of buying, selling and transacting in cryptocurrencies across the sector. All topics worthy of deep exploration to create innovative solutions.

Throughout their Digital Minds year, delegates learnt creative, innovative approaches and techniques.

Combining future-focussed innovation and design thinking capabilities with their roles as claims adjusters, underwriters, brokers, actuaries, risk managers, marketers and more, means delegates have a fantastic range of skills that helps them, and their organisations, think and behave in forward-thinking, creative ways.

Learning to thoroughly understand a problem before seeking a tool or technology to solve it is a lesson delegates will value forever!


As part of their programme, Delegates have access to EDII’s Coaching Directors, including industry experts Hélène Stanway and Paul Willoughby. Coaching Directors work with the delegates and teams to share their experience, insights, knowledge and connections to help them bring their ideas to life.

As part of their accomplishment, delegates received a Certificate of Completion for a whopping CII CPD-accredited 36 hours of Innovation & Design Thinking training.

Supplementing their business specialisms, this training and skills help the delegates – and their organisations – prepare for digital transformation, and become resilient, future-focussed employees.

And the learning continues.

Delegates get to carry on their learning and networking journeys by being enrolled on the newly launched Digital Minds alumni programme, the EDII Think Factory.

A complimentary programme exclusively for past Digital Minds delegates, the EDII Think Factory continues to support delegates to expand their innovation, change and transformation knowledge via regular in-person and virtual events.

With fast-growing alumni, for the Digital Minds community, education, development, innovation and development never stops!


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