What is the
Digital Minds

Digital Minds is a uniquely immersive innovation, engagement, change and development programme. It has been designed to help organisations embed their staff in the corporate innovation culture that they will need when facing the challenges a digital and virtual future brings. 


Innovation in the working environment is a crucial part of employee engagement. Not only does it help organisations stay ahead of their competition, but it also drives customer engagement and helps attract stronger, more diverse talent. It supports businesses in developing and retaining a more fulfilled, creative and engaged staff. 


Our Digital Minds London Insurance Market programme engages passionate and ambitious business professionals and enables them to develop innovative, creative and business-critical skills. They do this through collaborative and business-relevant activities. It allows them to engage with their peers and seniors and create long-lasting value for their sponsoring organisations.

What do we deliver?

The programme cohort is made up of practitioners from all levels who share a passion for the market and care about its future.

By immersing themselves in the challenges and opportunities faced by the insurance industry, delegates acquire a powerful mix of innovation, business and digitally-focussed leadership skills from experienced industry specialists and experts in their field.

Delegates will learn how to:

Developing a clear understanding of the strategy behind innovation, why businesses need it and how to build it

Acquire the skills to supplement their business and domain expertise to generate creative ideas, opportunities and concepts.

Learn how to test ideas for desirability, feasibility and viability against market and organisational measures

Secure the right stakeholder support and buy-in

Influence development of peers by encouraging critical thinking and a creative growth mindset

Model new agile approaches and behaviours to address resistance to change.

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Digital Minds

The core of the Digital Minds London Insurance Market programme is taking themes relevant to the progression of the industry and delivering knowledge and guidance through Action Learning Projects (ALPs).


Themes for 2022

Throughout the Digital Minds year, we will be addressing challenges and uncovering opportunities within themes and topics including:

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Building a Diverse & Inclusive Next Generation

Customer Centricity

Data Standards & Literacy

Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG)

New Product Development


Up-Skilling for Future Focus

Ultimately, Digital Minds’ paramount goal and the core value of our programme is to help delegates and their organisations acquire the skills they need to evolve and thrive in a competitive and ever-evolving industry.