What is the
Digital Minds

Creating a Culture of Innovation in Insurance

EDII’s Digital Minds is a unique and immersive professional development programme designed to prepare its delegates for an ever-evolving, innovation-driven, and digitally complex world. It’s more than just a course – it’s a catalyst for change within the insurance industry.

Delivered via eight modules and built around the five stages of design thinking: empathise, define, ideate, prototype, and test, Digital Minds enables delegates to explore industry challenges, uncover profound customer insights, understand the value of data and critical thinking, and craft customer-centric solutions.

Our blended learning approach, hands-on experiences, expert teaching, and insights from industry leaders build delegates’ knowledge as they collaborate with like-minded peers. They acquire an extensive toolkit of insurance-led design thinking and innovation techniques, enabling them to cultivate transformative solutions and inspire change within the insurance landscape.

Bookings Open for Cohort 6!

If you would like to find out more or are interested in applying for a place on the programme, please get in touch.
Email: programmeteam@edii.group

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EDII’s Digital Minds is an interactive programme made up of:

Eight blended learning modules, both virtual and in-person.

Interactive and collaborative activities with your fellow delegates.

Individual post-session assignments to put your learning into practice.

A cross-market, comprehensive Action Learning Project (ALP) to address a real-world challenge or opportunity.

Coaching Director-led facilitation and project support.

Access to tools, techniques and frameworks via our delegate portal.

Elective in-person and virtual training session.

An end-of-programme showcase to present to your peers, seniors, and industry leaders.

Access to the Digital Minds Alumni Programme, The EDII Think Factory.

This programme is CII CPD Accredited and accounts for 30 Structured CII CPD Hours.

Programme Details

Start Date: 17 October 2023

Programme cost: £5,950 + VAT per delegate

15% reduction for 3 or more places per organisation

What You Will Learn

The Digital Minds programme equips you with the essential skills needed to become a champion of innovative change. Here’s a glimpse of what you will master on this transformative journey:

Learn to apply creative problem-solving and agile thinking.

Discover how to cultivate a culture that inspires new ways of working.

Apply design thinking and empathy-driven methods to uncover customer insights.

Utilise innovative techniques to transform insights and needs into customer-centric solutions.

Explore and apply methods of divergent thinking and ideation to generate a wealth of possibilities.

Gain hands-on experience in designing and building prototypes.

Learn to critically analyse and prioritise real-life organisational and industry challenges.

Master techniques that can help you inspire and influence others.

Harness structured, bespoke techniques to craft compelling pitches and presentations, and gain support and buy-in from stakeholders.

Your Delivery Team

Learn from EDII’s specialist practitioners and leaders who have refined their innovation and design thinking skills over years of hands-on experience in the insurance world. More than just expert facilitators and educators, our team integrates real-life examples and first-hand insights into your sessions, providing a tangible connection to the insurance industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Our comprehensive learning approach is further enriched by a diverse panel of coaching directors, expert speakers, industry specialists, and handpicked mentors from across the market. Their collective wisdom and unique perspectives ensure a well-rounded and highly engaging educational experience tailored to the evolving needs of the insurance industry.

Caroline Bedford

Caroline Bedford

Chief Executive Officer

Caroline’s passion is developing creativity, capability and confidence in current and future business leaders. Through her 30+ years in industry, Caroline has steered through many technological techniques and trends, delivering innovative projects, programmes, and portfolios worldwide.

Jasmine Shell

Jasmine Shell

Innovation Manager

Jasmine is an expert Innovator and Communications leader. Specialising in innovation techniques and digital collaboration, Jasmine uses her skills to introduce delegates to new approaches. and tools that they can cascade straight away throughout their teams.

Hélène Stanway

Hélène Stanway

Coaching Director

Hélène is an award-winning and highly effective insurance leader with a proven track record in emerging technologies,
innovation, operations, data, change, and digital transformation. With a special passion for IoT and Sensor Technology, Hélène is a perpetual learner, driven to help delegates succeed.

Paul Willoughby

Paul Willoughby

Coaching Director

Paul has held multiple leadership roles within the global insurance market. Paul has holistic experience across claims, underwriting, digital distribution, data and analytics, and operations. Paul is especially focused on ‘the voice of the customer’ and helping delegates to deliver customer-centric solutions.

Is Digital Minds

For You?

Designed for talented, curious, and driven insurance professionals across varying roles and levels, the EDII Digital Minds programme is a must-have for those committed to shaping the industry’s future.

Do you want to…

Hone your creativity, innovation, and business-critical skills?

Be part of a community that has a passion to drive the industry forward?

Investigate the hyper-relevant issues affecting insurance organisations and their clients?

Explore emerging technology and understand how it is revolutionising the insurance industry?

Work on a cross-market, comprehensive Action Learning Project (ALP) to address a real-world opportunity?

Foster your creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills?

Collaborate with like-minded market participants?

Invest in lifelong skill development?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, Digital Minds is the perfect programme for you.

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