If you have a business challenge, EDII can help you solve it. 

Using highly relevant Design Thinking and Discovery Skills, EDII brings you 6 in 6. This uniquely facilitated strategic ideation process takes you and your team from an initial problem to a minimum of 6 tangible actions, in just two, 2-hour workshops and 2 hours of independent incubation. 

6 in 6 will help you creatively, inclusively, and concisely:

Redefine your strategy

Improve your culture

Develop new products

Embed new skills

Bond a new team

How does it work?

Ahead of the scheduled sessions, a business challenge or opportunity is identified. EDII helps you and your team to drill down into the challenge to understand the root cause and true goal. 

Over the course of 6 in 6, EDII’s expert facilitators will then guide your team through 6 hours of specifically relevant activity through our custom-built, digital templates. 

Together, we will use ideation techniques to suggest solutions that could address the challenge. You’ll categorise the options and understand how to assess and validate. 

You’ll use ‘What if and What it’ techniques to then determine the priority and feasibility of those options and, as a team, select and buy into the findings.

What’s the result?

The result of EDII’s 6 in 6 is a minimum of six realistic, feasible and viable actionable outcomes that can be implemented to help you and your organisation achieve your goals. 

 In addition, you and your team will have acquired digital collaboration skills and a working knowledge of enormously valuable ideation and prioritisation techniques that can be used on many other business tasks. 

EDII's 6 in 6

What’s the format?

We begin with a 2-hour virtual workshop*, facilitated by EDII’s expert team

In the middle, we promote 2 hours of independent incubation

We end with a 2-hour virtual workshop to finalise the choices and select outcomes

* In-person options available on request

EDII - 6 in 6 Structure

Who’s it for?

The 6 in 6 is designed for groups of people who are connected by a common challenge.

They could be:

Senior leaders looking to redirect the organisation or operating model

New joiners looking for ideas to make an impact

Innovation teams seeking to promote ideas, initiatives, and culture

Talent teams preparing to upskill the workforce

Committees needing to determine the best use of funds

Cross-function leaders wanting to break down barriers and reduce silos

Programme Details

The details:

6 in 6 is for groups of people who have a connected challenge/opportunity to address

Up to a maximum of 12 participants per group

Each 6 in 6 is created to be run across the course of 1 week, with 48 hours between virtual sessions

Workshops are industry-agnostic

To enquire about bookings, please email: ProgrammeTeam@EDII.group