Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical delegate profile?
Delegates must work for an insurer, broker or insurance-market organisation. They will come from all roles across the value chain, including adjusters, underwriters, technicians, actuaries, risk officers, compliance, operations, innovation and much more. We welcome delegates from all areas, no matter what level of expertise or experience, as long as they share our aspirations to build their skills to evolve the London Insurance Market and ensure its future relevance
How do I sponsor a Next Gen Delegate?

EDII’s mission to open doors to under-represented talent is achieved by offering sponsored programme places to students and young people from areas of inequality and low social-mobility.

Our Next Gen Delegates join the programme for the entire cohort year, and work shoulder-to-shoulder with Delegates already established on the industry career ladder. We work closely with the Delegates, their originating organisation (for example, the STEMettes or ELBA) and the sponsoring organisation to support the Delegates through their education journey and potential recruitment opportunities.

To discuss sponsoring a Pipeline Delegate, please contact the EDII team via

What specific skills and experience do I need?

Delegates do not need technical, innovation, creative or digital skills to join the programme. An appetite for learning, commitment to team participation and a desire to bring fresh ideas to the industry are the main criteria.

Can International delegates join?
Absolutely. The programme welcomes participants from the International teams of their London Market-focused companies and our timetables are structured to offer multiple time-zone options.

Mixing UK and International delegates is particularly helpful to bring together teams who are not co-located and help them develop stronger connections and approaches.

What role does the business sponsor play?
The Delegates’ business sponsors are extremely important. Not only will the business sponsor support Delegate attendance at the facilitated sessions, we also consider them an ‘extended Delegate’, as they help their nominee to build on, consolidate and promote the knowledge they’ve learned back within their own organisations.
Does the programme qualify for CPD?
Digital Minds is eligible for CPD hours and is also currently undergoing a formal CPD accreditation process via the CII.
Why does the programme include a Low Code option?

Low Code platforms allow people who are not software developers to build and test applications quickly and easily. They give the ability to innovate much more easily and faster than traditional methods. We will use Low Code to prototype some of our projects, and as experience shows us, many of our previous Delegates have benefited from learning these skills.

Will I be able to connect and work with delegates from other organisations?
Absolutely! All delegates work in cross-organisation teams and build strong connections with their peers from different roles and companies. Networking and working alongside other organisations in business is one of the best resources for career development and professional success.
How do I get information about company specific workshops and the programme for Personal and Commercial sectors?

Please contact our EDII team at to arrange a call

How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?
Experience shows us that the more engaged and committed participants are, the more they – and their sponsors – will get from their Digital Minds journey. There is one formal, virtual learning session per month, with an approximate duration time of 4 hours, including breaks.

Delegates can expect to spend a further 2-4 hours per month on post-session interaction points and furthering their Action Learning Projects to consolidate their understanding.

There are also optional seminars, interviews and networking events that delegates are open to attend to expand their knowledge and experience.


How do I apply?

Applications are typically managed centrally through the nominating organisation. Please contact the EDII team via to express interest and to arrange a follow up call.

How much does the programme cost?

Please contact us for pricing information.

How many delegates can one organisation submit?

We suggest a minimum of 3 delegates and a maximum of 5 to get the best mix of skills, experience and inter-organisation Collaboration.

Please contact the EDII team via to discuss larger numbers and company-specific programmes.