How Might Insurance Safeguard Our Digital Footprint in a Rapidly Changing World?

In today’s digital age, our lives are intricately intertwined with technology and we all leave behind a lasting digital footprint wherever we go.

While this interconnectedness brings countless benefits, it also exposes us to new risks and vulnerabilities. Cyber threats, data breaches, and privacy concerns have become an unfortunate reality, making it essential for us to protect our digital presence.

Insurance has always protected us from the unexpected but when it comes to the digital world of today, can insurance play a role in safeguarding our digital presence? 

Who better to ask than the youth of today who have grown up immersed in this new technological world. Which is why we teamed up with Startup Sherpas!

“Including diversity across all ages adds a whole new dimension to creativity for innovation.”

Jasper Meijerink

Service Delivery Specialist, Liberty Speciality Markets

Startup Sherpas are on a mission to develop the next generation of insurance talent. Through providing real-life work experience and support they are empowering teenagers to learn innovation and entrepreneurial skills.  

And of course, here at EDII, our mission is to bring innovation, Design Thinking, and creative problem-solving skills to all roles across the insurance industry and the corporate world! 

So… we decided to create an in-person workshop, attended by teenagers and EDII’s Digital Minds Community – giving us the perfect combination of ‘teens’ vs ‘tradition’. 

We formed three teams, one of only teens, one of only insurance professionals, and one mixed team. You might call it an experiment but we wanted to see how each team approached the same challenge.

“We have a wealth of crucial, experienced talent already in the insurance industry. Combining it with new ideas and new perspective is where the magic really happens.”

Caroline Bedford


What did we come up with?

Our plan was to use Design Thinking and ideation techniques to help stimulate creative ideas. We started by putting our heads together and crafting personas of people with a digital presence. 

We explored how digital decisions impact all of us. And we envisioned the potential challenges individuals might encounter if their security was compromised, their opinions were deemed inappropriate, and/or they incurred a negative impact due to something unintentional. 

What we didn’t necessarily expect to discuss were the environmental and sustainability aspects of our digital decisions. The teens had different ideas and it was the forefront of their concerns.

Idea #1 

    • A YouTube series that explores the carbon consequences of your digital decisions. Calculating your carbon footprint based on the size of the emails and messages you send, the number of files you save, and how often you stream on Netflix. The series would then estimate the carbon impact and suggest different ways to reduce it so that you can learn from real use cases.

Idea #2 

        • An online behaviour guide and companion. An app that would allow you to set up a ‘digital persona’, whether that’s friendly or professional, or somewhere in the middle, and then alert you if your behaviour or posts weren’t within that scope. It will also make recommendations to help you to improve your content to meet your persona.

    Idea #3 

      • A reputation saver. This would be an insurance product embedded into your phone insurance. It would analyse and cleanse your online presence to remove any content based on your selected criteria, whilst also providing prompts, education and checkpoints to prevent you from damaging your digital reputation.

    “It was a pleasure to take part. Involving our future clients in the process not only gives us fresh perspective, but ensures the solutions we create are relevant and impactful for generations to come.”

    Erik Johnson

    Active Underwriter, MIC Global Syndicate 5183 at Lloyd’s

    What happened next? 

    After bringing our ideas to life with a superfast prototype, we were joined by a distinguished audience of industry specialists who eagerly listened to our presentations and ideas. 

    Each and every participant showcased exceptional talent and creativity – leaving us a bit in awe! 

    For this workshop, our objective was to unite two distinct generations and showcase the powerful outcomes that can emerge. When we bridge the gap and create diverse teams impactful innovation can happen. And we would call it a success!

    Here at EDII, we are passionate about developing existing talent within your organisation and creating an attractive accessible industry for the younger generation.

    Do you want to build creativity and cultivate industry-changing ideas in your organisation? Why not sign up for our upcoming Digital Minds Cohort 6 programme? 

    Our Digital Minds programme has been created to help delegates and their organisations acquire the skills they need to evolve and thrive in a competitive and ever-evolving industry.

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