Introducing EDII, the insurance industry’s first innovation and creativity company for business practitioners

London, UK, 04 May, 2021 – the insurance industry’s first innovation and creativity company for business practitioners, has launched today.

EDII – pronounced /ed:. ee/ – stands for Educate, Develop, Innovate, Inspire – and has been launched by well-known insurance industry expert Caroline Bedford. As part of its offerings, EDII has taken over the award-winning Digital Minds programme, founded by Ms Bedford in 2016 during her tenure at DXC Technology.

“To fully embed innovation takes capability, commitment and capacity. Companies are struggling to build a culture to truly upskill their valuable business talent, and until EDII, nothing else existed that fully addressed the variety of key development needs of traditional market practitioners such as underwriters, brokers, claims adjusters and more. We have created industry-first programmes that engage passionate and committed business professionals and enables them to develop innovative, creative, and business-critical skills. EDII’s offerings allow them to engage with their peers, teams and seniors to create long-lasting value for their organisations,” said EDII Chief Executive Officer, Caroline Bedford.  

EDII’s flagship programme is Digital Minds – offered as a 12-month immersive programme. Lead by industry specialists and domain experts, it educates insurance professionals on the impact of the latest digital technologies and the skills and behaviours needed to adopt them. EDII plans to expand its offering into the wider financial services sector in the coming years. 

The programme covers complex modernisation issues and helps foster much needed creativity, innovation, and critical thinking for both current and next generation leaders. 

“Amongst all of the programmes I have come across in my career, Digital Minds is particularly unique, in the variety of topics covered, the networking opportunities and the skills that are taught,” added Nicholas Line, Chief Underwriting Officer, International, Markel International. “This really is a special combination, especially when expertly blended with the limitless energy and passion for learning brought by Caroline and her team.”

Ms Bedford added: “EDII is designed to encourage and test creative ideas in the digital field in a practical forum, enabling participants to drive change and deliver immediate and long-lasting value within their own companies.”

Ms Bedford has more than 30 years’ experience in the specialty insurance market and has extensive knowledge in digital transformation. 

The Digital Minds programme will continue its support from DXC Technology as they take on the role of sponsor. Other sponsors include: Netcall and r10, and the programme will draw expertise from Beazley, BMS, Markel, and Innovation & Transformation specialists.

“Having been involved in Digital Minds since inception, I am delighted to see the next generation in talent development via EDII,” said Paul Willoughby, Head of Insights and Strategy Research at Beazley. “Caroline and her team have always been dedicated to bringing together people with a diverse range of skills with the aim of affecting real change in the market.”


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About EDII (pronounced /ed:. ee/ )

EDII – which stands for Educate, Develop, Innovate, Inspire – is a distinctive innovation, education and development company built for regulated markets. We provide business practitioners with a uniquely specific combination of innovation, creative, practical business and leadership skills needed to inspire and thrive in a digital-driven world.

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Caroline Bedford

Caroline Bedford is the Chief Executive Officer at EDII. She has held various digital transformation and development roles in the insurance industry. Most recently Caroline worked at DXC Technology where she founded the Digital Minds programme. During her time at DXC Caroline served as London Insurance Market – Modernisation Lead, 2013-2016 and London Insurance Market Account Manager – Digital, and Head of DXC Digital Minds: Insurance, 2016 – 2020. 


Prior to DXC Technology, Caroline served as Head of Insurance Product Training and Lead Analyst – Underwriting at Markel International and has spent her career in the specialty insurance sector. 



In 2020 Caroline was named Mentor of the Year in the Women in Insurance Awards and in 2019 Digital Minds won Insurance Days’ Diversity and Talent Management Award in its London Market Awards. She brings to EDII extensive experience in and passion for the use of digital technology and cultural change to achieve benefits for the insurance market as a whole.

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