Shaping the Industry: The Enduring Influence of Digital Minds Alumni

The insurance industry is traditionally known in some sectors as resistant to rapid change. However, it is now experiencing a noticeable shift, thanks in part to the EDII Digital Minds programme.

Cohort 4’s recent Showcase was particularly special for EDII. Not least because we celebrated the success of Cohort 4 as they completed their Digital Minds journey, but it was enriched by the presence of past alumni too. These alumni stood as tangible proof of the programme’s impact, offering a glimpse into their potential elevated influence as they build on their newly acquired innovation and design thinking capabilities.

Taking Off With Alistair Blundy, CEO, Skyrisks, Digital Minds Alumni

Alistair Blundy stands as an exemplary figure of the transformative potential of the Digital Minds programme. Originally joining Digital Minds as an aerospace underwriter in 2019, Alistair has recently ascended to found an MGA, a progression where he got to use many of the attributes he first acquired during his experience with Digital Minds.

As Alistair shared with the showcase audience, his time in Digital Minds not only helped him acquire solid innovation and problem-solving skills, but also presented unparalleled networking opportunities, giving him a confidence which became instrumental in his professional evolution.

Using his passion and knowledge for aerospace to become the guiding force behind Skyrisks. Alistair presented how technological innovation is reshaping the aviation insurance landscape, especially in the emerging Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector. His entrepreneurial flair and dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technology have positioned Skyrisks as a pioneer in aircraft insurance and risk management solutions for both autonomous and piloted flights, trailblazing new products and services as the industry, and our clients, evolve.

All Bases Covered as Insurer, Broker & Technology Provider Unite

Next, three more of our influential Digital Minds alumni formed a panel to illustrate the transformative journey that lies ahead for our industry and shared how the Digital Minds programme has helped them in their professional journeys to prepare for this change.

Ruan Ebersohn, DXC Programme Director for Blueprint 2, emphasised the importance of integrating evolving technology with the industry’s core needs. He pointed out, “Modern tech solutions, agility, and the freedom to innovate are crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.”

Senior Strategy & Programme Manager at WTW, Nneoma Ituma, highlighted the importance of strategic adaptations in the digital age. Reflecting on her Digital Minds experience, she said, “It provided a valuable community and network within insurance. The programme not only offers connections but also a platform to address real industry challenges.”

Neil Kempston, Head of Incubation Underwriting at Beazley, delved into the underwriting domain. Highlighting innovation, he advised, “Don’t just champion innovation – allocate time and resources for it. Feedback is vital; without it, the flow of ideas just stops.”

All panellists collectively identified key skills for future insurance professionals: innovation, data analysis, curiosity, and continuous learning. Ruan spotlighted the value of confidence, describing it as a skill needing regular practice, while Neil signalled at the rising importance of “query engineering” for AI tools.

Nneoma championed leadership’s role in fostering innovation, suggesting events and policies that encourage creativity and teamwork. Neil highlighted the growth of innovation-focused teams in the industry, emphasising the need to bridge understanding gaps between novel concepts, the business, and leadership.

The panel’s unanimous message was clear: To stay ahead, professionals must keep pace with technological advancements, refine problem-solving abilities, and strengthen their networks. These narratives further highlighted the lasting impact of the Digital Minds programme in equipping insurance professionals with the ability to lead the industry’s digital transformation.

With the foundation set by EDII’s Digital Minds, the insurance industry is well-prepared to embark on its next innovative journey.


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