The Rise of the Generalist: Caroline Bedford speaks at The Women In Tech Conference

At EDII, our philosophy is to bring future-focused, sustainable skills to business practitioners. Effectively, helping people become more generalist in their specialty markets.

Our ethos aligned perfectly with this year’s Women in Tech conference organised by Women in Business, with their theme of ‘Transforming Tech Together’.

Speaking at the Titanic Centre in Belfast, EDII CEO, Caroline Bedford, presented ‘The Rise of the Generalist in the Tech Specialist World’, a dive into the skills and technology evolution.

Caroline says: “Technology moves fast which means that your skills move fast too. We all need more knowledge now than we ever have. We all need to have a growth mindset. We all need to be more generalist.”

Thank you to Alchemy Technology Services for hosting us.

Watch Caroline’s presentation in full here and look out for this week’s Insurance Day, to hear more about EDII’s philosophy to bring Generalist skills to the Speciality Insurance Market.


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