Celebrating Digital Minds Cohort 1

On the 5th May, we gathered at BMS to celebrate the achievements of the delegates who form Cohort 1 of EDII’s flagship innovation training programme, Digital Minds.

Digital Minds is ‘new’, but not born yesterday. Founded by EDII CEO Caroline Bedford, whilst at DXC Technology, when Digital Minds began Insurtech was a relatively unknown term, and innovation was very much the role and responsibility of the specialists.

How that’s changed! Digital Minds has evolved over 6 years to become a market-leading innovation skills programme for insurance professionals, with hundreds of people across all roles benefiting from their learning experience.

Invention is a solo activity – innovation is a team sport!

Throughout their journey, delegates have benefited from EDII’s expert delivery team, alongside our fantastic Coaching Directors who have an enormous amount of innovation, technology, influence, and delivery knowledge that they’ve shared extensively.

Less than 12 months after they began, Digital Minds Cohort 1 took pride of place in their cross-organisation teams as they presented the outcomes from their Digital Minds projects to an audience of their coaches, sponsors and peers to showcase their results.

So who are Digital Minds Cohort 1?

Cohort 1 includes almost every role across the industry that you can think of. We saw brokers, underwriter, claims adjusters, actuaries, account handlers, HR professionals, marketers, analysts and more take to the stage.

We also saw EDII’s unique ‘Next Generation’ delegates – people who don’t work in the industry yet – participate via EDII’s partnership with London Works and The East London Business Alliance. These delegates, who aim to get a foot on the industry ladder, brought enthusiasm and additional perspective to the cohort as they built skills and opportunities to bring industry careers.


What have the delegates experienced during their year?

Digital Minds is a complete, end to end innovation skills programme Over the course of 12 months, the delegates attended structured training sessions which took them through a journey, learning innovation and intrapreneurial skills, how to identify problems the industry is facing, and developing the skills they need to solve them.

Focusing on relevant themes, delegates explored issues People and Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Data and Solutions, ESG, Automation and more.

Resulting in

From the strategy behind innovation, through design thinking, through to user experience (UX), influencing and prototyping, the delegates acquired these hyper-relevant skill that have enhanced the business expertise they already have, making them even more super-talented, and super-valuable to their organisations.

And as Digital Minds is CPD accredited, they also acquired 36 hours of structured Innovation & Design Thinking training, as well as making super-strong industry connections and networks which last far beyond the course timeframe.

Our sponsors

A huge thank you to our sponsors, DXC Technology, r10 Consulting and Netcall, for helping drive true change across the industry.

Congratulations to Cohort 1 on their achievements!


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