ELBA’s Caz Simmonds talks to Caroline Bedford about the challenges faced by under-represented talent

A key aim of EDII is to drive diversity, inclusion, equality and retention in the insurance industry. In May last year EDII partnered with London Works, part of the East London Business Alliance (ELBA) to achieve this aim.

The partnership includes an initiative in which insurance and broker organisations sponsor delegates from under-represented communities to participate in our Digital Minds programme. These ‘Next Generation’ delegates are a fundamental pillar of Digital Minds, bringing a richness of experience and a more diverse network that benefits all delegates.

Recently, Caroline Bedford, CEO of EDII, interviewed Caz Simmonds, a partner at London Works, the Economic Inclusion arm of ELBA.

Caz says:  “We’re based in East London, with a very diverse community and two of the poorest London boroughs. A lot of our graduates are first-generation kids. They don’t have friends and family who have worked in the corporate world. They don’t have the benefit of social capital. They are at a real disadvantage when it comes to careers and advancement”.

Inclusion is about accepting all of those differences, all those different social backgrounds, ensuring that they’re given the opportunity to thrive and they feel that they can prosper and progress just like anybody else. The partnership with EDII, and sponsor organisations like Markel, Beazley and BMS, provides that opportunity“.

Watch the full inspiring conversation between Caroline and Caz and learn how the partnership between EDII and ELBA is providing opportunities for under-represented talent.



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